Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Humbling to be Used & Divine Appointments

It is so humbling to be used by God. I went in (3 hours to DFW area from home in Clarksville, Texas) this past weekend to babysit my sixteenth grandsugar, Lillian Jane.  I know I’m prejudiced, but ally? Isn’t she the cutest? And I have NEVER--bar none—seen a better natured baby girl!

Little did I know God had a divine appointment in store for me!

Dear husband is tiling our floors and needed two more pieces to finish our master bath, so he asked if I had time to stop by Home Depot and pick some up as ours was out of stock. He gave me an item number from the box.  So when out shopping with Anna, my newest daughter-in-love, we went by.  She stayed in the car with sleeping Lilly, and I ran in.

A young man, Clinton Pack, helped me locate the ones I needed, showering me with grace for forgetting my little rip-off cardboard with the number. You see, he’d had a traumatic brain injury at age 19 (six years prior) so knew well about being forgetful. Well, of course I said something to glorify God, and he picked right up on it. Giving God praise for his life after being in a coma three months.

From there, the conversation only got better. He shared that he’d been keeping a journal since the accident and said I would be a part of that night’s entry…that the Lord had told him to write a book. At which time I mentioned that I was a Christian author! We both agreed that this was a divine appointment orchestrated by our awesome Almighty God! Tears and hugs followed!

One week and a day ago, THE BEDWARMER’S SON, my twenty-seventh title to be released, debuted! The reviews coming in are so overwhelming, bringing me to my face before the throne . Why does He give me such wonderful stories? Why did He choose me to show such favor in receiving the wonderful compliments coming in almost daily? I don’t deserve any of it, except that He loves me.

A synopsis of THE BEDWARMER'S SON: From the antebellum South, come travel the dusty trails of Jim Crowe Dalton, Georgia with slave and master, saint and sinner. See if God is really big enough, if He truly cares about His children. McAdoo has done it again, this time in a brand new way. A delightful morsel for the palates of Christian readers world round.  
  • One Amazon ‘Top 50’ reviewer said “Characters and story are tantalizingly revealed, Southern slow, like brewin’ sweet tea in the sun.” and “THE BEDWARMER’S SON” reaches my personal 6-star rating of delightful reading. Possibly McAdoo’s magnum opus to date, certainly a piece de resistance.”
  • Another reader shared “Characters are well developed and multi-dimensional. The story line kept me on the edge of my seat. …one of Caryl McAdoo’s finest books, the best of her best.”
  • And another “The Bedwarmer’s Son weaves together two romances to form a tale reminiscent of the great southern writers of the last century. More than a classic romance…”   
Do you have a chance meeting that you consider a divine appointment?
What has recently humbled you before the Lord?

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Bio : Caryl McAdoo is all about loving God! She currently writes four series: the historical Christian ‘Texas Romance’; a contemporary ‘Red River Romance’; The Generations, her Biblical fiction, and the newest Days of Dread Trilogy for mid-grade readers. Known as the Singing Pray-er, she loves praising with new songs the Lord gives her and prays her story gives God glory! In 2008, she and her high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved from the DFW area—home for fifty-plus years—to the woods of Red River County. Caryl counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from God. Besides glorifying Him, she hopes each title will also minister His love, mercy, and grace to its readers. Caryl and Ron live in Clarksville, the county seat, in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State with two grandsons.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kim! Lilly has certainly stolen Grami's heart away! And you can see why the reviews are so humbling! Blessings to you!

  2. Awesome encounter with that young man, blessings.

    1. I know we will become friends, and that I can help him with his book. I love helping people and pray that God gives me opportunities everyday to be a blessing. Thanks for your comment! Blessings!

  3. Such a touching story about you and the young man. Cannot wait to read The Bedwarmers Son

    1. Amen! It definitely touched us. I love that in God's economy, everyone involved gets blessed! Thank you, Debra! Blessings to you!

  4. I loved hearing about your conversation with the young man. You received a blessing but you certainly have him one also!

    1. Amen, I just mentioned in responding to Debra how amazing God is for that very thing! Blessings, Connie!