Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Take Heart!

Have you ever read a book and had to close it, look around, and see if the author was watching you? Like he or she based the main character on you?

Can I admit something to you? I’ve done that. I mean, I’ve based a character on a real life person. Actually, I’ve based two characters on a real life person.


In my as-of-yet unpublished novel (that I’m thisclose to finishing!), my two main characters are quite the opposites. My heroine, Allie, is an introverted accountant, preferring to stick to her regular schedule of work, church, and gym. (And if we’re being honest, not even the gym.)

My hero, again, is the opposite. Tyler is adventurous, loves adrenaline rushes, and encouraging people to go way beyond their comfort zones.

But they both have one thing in common: fear.

I’m not a fan of fear, but for some crazy reason, I cling to it. I constantly think about what the ramifications would be if this were to change or that were to happen.

It’s distracting. And it takes away from the here and now.

We all know that the Bible tells us to “fear not.” And the Lord knows us well enough to know that, despite the fact He should have only had to say it once in order for us to get it through our brains, He repeats it more than 80 times in His Word. I’m thankful for that. Because probably unlike you, I need all the reminders and reassurances I can get.

Fear is a reaction that will come and go in our lives. There are many things in this world that are scary! But if you’re a follower of Christ, you have hope. And hope is a wonderful thing.

So take heart, my friend. Don’t let fear weigh you down. If and when it tries to, turn to God’s promises in His Word. He’ll refresh and renew your mind, and as you give Him your fears, He’ll replace them with His love.

For a little fun, I want to share you with an old hymn our church sings. The music is a little more modern, but still...this is one of my absolute favorite songs right now and gives me much hope and joy, easing any fears I might be experiencing. Click HERE, then press the play button. 



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Mikal. :) Blessed my heart!

    1. I'm so happy, Tish. I'll admit, I struggled writing it. :) Thank you *so* much for stopping by!

  2. Pressing through fear with you, Mikal, straight to Abba Father's heart for us--peace in His promises, in His person.