Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It Was Quiet ... Too Quiet

by Carole Towriss

I had been coughing all weekend. Coughing and sleeping. That’s a bummer any way you look at it, but my kids left yesterday morning for a week at our denomination’s national youth gathering, and I could barely say goodbye. I was afraid to hug them and get them sick before they left.
    But I had seven days of peace and quiet coming, and I wasn’t going to spend it sick. So to the doctor I went. He diagnosed me with bronchitis.
    I had to stop at the store to get my prescription, so I thought I’d pick up a few things for the week while I was waiting.
    My husband’s a vegan (don’t get me started), and pretty much takes care of his own food. I got a beef roast, so I could slow cook it for the rest of the day while I rested. I can eat tacos every day, so I thought this would last most of the week. I added some tomatoes and a Vidalia onion.
     I got microwave popcorn so we could watch some movies without someone bursting in saying, “Make her get out of my room!” or “He’s following my friends on SnapChat!” or just “Mooooommm!”
    I got some brownie mix. Don’t worry – I also got bananas and apples and milk. I didn’t go completely off the rails.
    I must admit it was weird shopping for two instead of five. It was weird enough when I dropped from six to five after my oldest left for college. But this was weirder.
    The house is oddly quiet. I don’t think I’ll be one of those who mope around, complaining of being an empty-nester. (My husband might.) We had our kids late, and I am ready for a break and some time alone with my husband. And three teenagers at the same time for five years, and two at once for two more, is wearing me out. 
     But I’m in any hurry to get rid of them, either. I spent far too many years praying for them.


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  1. Ah, I can so relate. Such mixed feelings when the nest empties out. My oldest said when she left for college, "Don't worry, Mom, goodbye isn't forever." Little did I know at the time that we'd be hosting our missionary kids and families (all three of them) on furloughs for months at a time. Over the past 12 years, I've learned and am still learning that each season holds special touches. Times with my hubby alone are wonderful, and times when the house is full again is good, too. "Variety is the spice of life," they say. And I've sure experienced that since I officially entered the empty nest. Enjoy your quiet time with kids away! And enjoy the kids while you have them. They will quickly fly away, I've learned, so making good memories in the moment is so important.

  2. A good read. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You're a strong girl, hope you get through it soon and start living a happy life. Keep us updated.