Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mother's Day Giveaway Post: Eileen

Journey to Judah
by Eileen Rife

To celebrate Mother's Day, I'll be writing a short story about Elizabeth Osteder, from my novel, Journey to Judah. I'd love your help in crafting this story! To enter the giveaway for an ebook copy of my novel, answer my question in the comment section below. My short story will be appearing May 5th, so keep an eye out!

Mother: Elizabeth Osteder

Elizabeth Osteder's waited a long time to visit her single missionary daughter, Maggie, in Chennai, India. At last, her flight is booked and suitcase packed. Both Mom and daughter are excited. But little does Maggie know this will be her mom's last visit to India. 

What gift might Maggie surprise Mom with upon arrival or shortly thereafter? 

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Could love await her - even in India? 

Maggie Osteder's given up hope of finding a man who shares her love for India. So while her friends plan dream weddings, she follows her heart, fulfilling a ten-year dream of becoming a career missionary. "Don't lose heart. Stay focused on serving, and God will take care of the rest," her mother always tells her. Yet upon arrival in Chennai, a fellow missionary makes a comment that strikes to Maggie's heart - that her ministry will be more effective if she's married. And her newfound friend says she has the perfect match: the new doctor, Gavin Munsfield.

But Maggie isn't so sure she's ready to open her heart...especially to a man who seems to be struggling with his own issues.

One woman. One God. One passion.

In an exotic culture of 7.5 million people and over 30 million gods, one woman resolves to follow her heart...


  1. Posting on behalf of Debbie Mitchell . . .

    "Hey Eileen!
    Could the special gift be that she's getting married? Or maybe she's adopting a baby?"

  2. You're welcome, Debbie. Guess I'd better make that plain on the FB event page. :)

  3. Maybe, Elizabeth, knowing she would soon see her daughter, remembered the special day when Maggie turned her life over to the Lord, (I'm thinking as a child). Maggie wrote, in her child's much she loved Jesus, and what she wanted to be when she grew up, and some of the dreams little girls think about - a home, a husband, children. Then Maggie tucked it into her own little Bible...and it was forgotten. But Elizabeth saw and cherished those things in her heart. Now, years later, the time has come for her to remind her now-grown daughter of her faith and of her dreams. And she hands her a box ...tied simply with a homespun bow, and inside is Maggie's little Bible and a tattered envelope, with her own childish scrawls on it. And Maggie sees...and memories come flooding back, and she smiles at the faithfulness of her God.

  4. Ooh, things are warming up! Thanks, Ladies! Wow, I'm getting excited now. :)

  5. Maggie will surprise her mom with it being her wedding day.

  6. Wow, I see a theme running here.

  7. Okay, ladies, stay tuned . . .

    On May 5, I'll post the short story based on one of your ideas. Whoever's idea I choose will also win an ebook copy of Journey to Judah. Now, let's get cranking on that story, Eileen. :)

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  9. Alright, story contest players! Hope you enjoyed the story posted today titled "A Letter & a Locket," loosely based on Ron and Cathy's idea, but also hinting at other ideas presented. Couldn't give away Journey to Judah's punch line. :) So, Ron and Cathy, you are the winners of an ebook copy of Journey to Judah! Congratulations!