Tuesday, October 6, 2015


 What fun! As a grandmother rearing four grandsons—then ages twelve, ten, nine and six—I was always looking for something entertaining to do together that wouldn’t break the bank. Online, I discovered a great new family sport called geocaching. It sounded just perfect for my tribe. Hmmm, activity versus sitting in front of a video game; participants are required to go outdoors with sunshine and fresh air in abundance, and, cheap to free.
So, I looked a little deeper and investigated several websites. At one, I immediately signed up for a basic free account. Perusing their information, I learned more about how to get started in geocaching. Millions of caches are located all over the world! And I discovered many existed close to Clarksville, the rural seat of Red River County, Texas. We could get started right away searching for thirty-nine geocaches within a thirty mile radius from our rural zip code! Great news.
At the website, I clicked how to get started and followed the directions clicking here and there and reading up on the locations of the several caches nearest our home. They’re meant to be found with longitude and latitude coordinates – a great introduction for the children as to how men have marked out the world we live in, don’t you think? But, since we didn’t have a handheld GPS, we’d have to rely on the written clues and maps to get started.
I couldn’t wait for my boys to get home on the school bus so we could hit the road and find our first geocache! But wait, I needed the answer to an important question first. Tee hee hee. What is a geocache? I learned it’s a waterproof container hidden so that future seekers may find it. It may be any size, as small as a film canister or as large as one of those good size plastic storage tubs.
Inside, there will be a log or journal that the finders can sign saying, “Hey, we’ve been here and we found this geocache!” And, sometimes, small trinkets are also enclosed, souvenirs for the children in a geocaching troupe or hand warmer packets, but you are supposed to leave something for the next finders if you take anything out. I got sugars!
We spent a couple of hours that first day and had time to find four of the five geocaches I had mapped out, but there was dinner to cook and homework to get done. I just listened to all their happy tales on the way back home. It was a fun afternoon none of us would soon forget. Exactly what I had hoped! We’ll definitely go again, and soon!
Happy geocaching, everyone! Be blessed!

 Hey and if your young reader is needing a new book, my October release THE KING'S HIGHWAY, book one of the new Days of Dread Trilogy, may fit the bill perfectly. It’s received all five star reviews with two reviewers comparing it to C. S. Lewis and another who read it twice in two days because she loved it so much J

I wrote it to bolster young people’s faith in that no matter what happens, God will keep and care for them, providing needs and protecting them. There’s an kind old man who keeps showing up—an angel unaware.  

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BIO: Award winning author debuts her new Christian mid-grade, book one in the Days of Dread Trilogy THE KING’S HIGHWAY. The prolific, bestselling novelist loves singing new songs the Lord gives her and painting. In 2008, her high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved her to the woods of Red River County. Caryl counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from God. Praying her story gives God glory, she hopes each one ministers His love, mercy, and grace to its readers. She and Ron live in Clarksville, Texas with two grandsons, Christian and Benjamen.

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  1. I've never done any geocaching, however, my brother did with his grandchildren - when we all visited the army base my chaplain nephew was stationed at several years ago. They had so much fun!!

    What is the age range for 'The King's Highway', Caryl?? I think my 14 year-old granddaughter might enjoy it. I'm so proud that she witnesses to her friends at school & athletics.

    I'm already a Facebook & Amazon follower.
    Shared post@@

  2. OH she would! the hero is 15 and there's a 16 year old girl too! What a blessing it is to have our third generations following after God! Thanks so much for sharing, Bonnie! I think Geocaching is a cheap fun way for a family to spend an afternoon :) I hope someone will see it here who never heard about it! :) Hugs and blessings! THREE ENTRIES for you! :)

  3. This sounds like it would be SO much fun to do with the children! It would expel some of their energy, too. :) That works for me! I just hope they have something like that around me. We're in a pretty big city, but there's plenty of country on the outskirts. So maybe I'll find others interested in geocaching somewhere around there.

    Oh, as for the book... I would love to see every youngster in America reading it! The dystopian story is big right now, and I can't think of any better than one that shows our loving Heavenly Father is always with us.

  4. What fun! And can't wait to get reading your next book. You write too fast. I can't keep up! Hugs!