Friday, July 31, 2015

Free Books! Our Thank You to You

(Please note, this one is for newsletter subscribers only.)

It's our party and we'll laugh if we want to, dance if we want to, sing if we want to. You can come to, if you really want to!

Aren't you glad I didn't sing that little ditty out loud? (On account of I'm tone deaf. It's a real problem. One that turns a lot of heads during Sunday worship. *sigh*)

When you signed up for our free, quarterly newsletter (which is really almost like an e-zine, if you ask me) did we tell you you'd receive a lot of great perks? I think we did, but in case not... By being a faithful subscriber, you receive a lot of great perks!

Hm... That sounded a bit redundant. Let me try again.

Actually, I won't. I think you've got the idea, and now you're wanting to know what exactly those perks are, right? Well, they'll vary throughout the year, I suppose based on what crazy-fun ideas zip through our brains. This month you have the opportunity to win some awesome free books! If you're as much of a book addict as we are, you're squealing with anticipation right now.

But before I tell you about all the awesome books you're eligible to win, let me ask you, did you
receive your free e-copy of both Freedom to Love compilations? I normally send them out about the same time I add you to our mailing list but I'm not the most detail oriented person, and sometimes, names slip through my keyboard. So, if you haven't received those compilations, please let me know and I'll get them to you right away.

Now to this newsletter's contest...

Oh, wait! You already know all about it! All the details are in the newsletter that should be sitting in your inbox at this very moment. Had a computer glitch that somehow ate the email? No worries. You can read our latest edition HERE! (Scroll down for contest details.)

Winner will be announced in our next edition.  Not a subscriber? Not a problem; signing up's easy!

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  1. SINS of the Mothers -book four in my Texas Romance series is FREE, but today - Thursday, August 27 - is the last day it is :)

  2. Already subscribed. I'll pass the word around. Who wouldn't want one of your book, Jennifer! And FREE! Cool!

  3. I just joined the newsletter and anything to do with faith,friends and chocolate sounds good to me.