Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fruit Snacks, Puppies, and Yoga?

Overwhelmed and staring at my to-do list on my MacBook, a Facebook notification slid across the top of the screen, informing me that my daughter updated her status. Clicking through, I giggled at her post. "I just wanna to eat fruit snacks and snuggle puppies."

photo from morguefile
I "liked" it. Betsy is a full-time college student and a teaching assistant. Like me, her days start early and end late. She was obviously overwhelmed before the day even got started.

With the curser blinking on my too-long to-do list, I considered shutting down my laptop, grabbing a super-size box of fruit snacks, an armful of puppies, and heading over to Betsy's apartment.

But then I got to thinking about those puppies. They would attack our fruit snacks. They would need to be let out...often. And even then, at least one would have an accident on the carpet. Betsy would blame me for bringing them over, for the work that didn't get done, and for the stomach ache after eating ninety-five squishy, sugary, fruit-shaped bites.  No puppies. No fruit snacks.

Back to that blinking cursor. Top of the list was, "write blog post."I tapped my fingers on the table, wondering about a theme. A little birdie flew by on the top of my screen.

Feeling #overwhelmed. Need to #relax. Check out my #yogaball video on YouTube.

Oooh! I already had my yoga pants on (versus my pajamas...I was ahead of the game) and my yoga ball was in the basement, next to the three foot-high pile of laundry. Tempted click over to the video and grab my gear, I recalled the last time I used my yoga ball. I was ten years younger. Did I really want to make tomorrow's tweet? #YogaBall #Fails.

Getting back on task and inspired by the theme that repeated across my laptop, I Googled "Overwhelmed Relaxation Inspirational Quote" which led me to a quote from St. Columba:

"My dearest Lord, be though a bright flame before me, be thou a guiding star above me, be thou a smooth path beneath me, today and for evermore."

I shut down the bright screen before me, clicked off the Youtube stars on the task bar above me, and exited the pathways of social media that stole away my time.

Focusing on Christ, I prayed St. Columba's prayer, and spent a few moments with the Lord.

St. Columba knew what he was talking about. The Irish abbot and missionary spread Christianity to Scotland without even a social media platform. Without a page to like, he founded an abbey on the Isle of Iona that became Scotland's influential religious institution for centuries. Without a twitter account, St. Columba was responsible for converting many to Christ and becoming a major Christian influencer.

I knew about St. Columba. A few years ago, my husband and I took a break from our overwhelming lives and electronic devices and spent a few days on the Isle of Iona.
Photo by Holly Michael

Photo by Holly Michael

photo by Holly Michael
On the Isle of Iona, admits the peaceful greenery and sheep, we strolled to Pebble Beach on the other side of the island. A local shop owner told us that pilgrims to the Island like to pick up one of the many round pebbles, ask the Lord for forgiveness of sins and throw the stone into the sea.

After releasing our pebbles that day, my husband and I walked back to our cabin. We spoke about the peace we felt-a kind of peace that only Christ could give.
Isle of Iona 
Whatever social media site led you to Faith, Friends...and Chocolate, thanks for stopping by. I pray this short read reminds you that Christ is the true source for peace in this busy world. Even puppies, fruit snacks, and yoga can't give us the peace that Jesus offers.

Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." (Matt. 11:28 NLT)

Holly Michael enjoyed a writing career as a journalist, features writer, and a regular ghostwriter for a Guideposts magazine before authoring novels and nonfiction books. Married to Anglican Bishop, Leo Michael, Holly has three grown children; daughter Betsy and football-playing sons—Jake (NFL) and Nick (University of Louisiana-Lafayette). Kansas City, Missouri is home and she blogs at www.writingstraight.com
Contact her at www.HollyMichael.com or on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/AuthorHollyMichael  or Twitter: @HollyMichael 
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  1. What a relaxing post, Holly! Well done! The Lord has certainly blessed you with travel! One more thing marked off your to-do list! Great blog completed! Love and hugs! Blessings, too :)

  2. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.

  3. What beautiful photos! And what a great post! When we feel we have the least amount of time to spend at Christ's feet is likely when we need to do it most. :)