Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Making of a Writer

It's no secret, I love books. In fact, this affinity could border on an obsession. Or an addiction. ATriptoBaumanRareBooksLikely both. Actually, I love words period. When I was a kid, my dad and I would go for walks. Skips, actually, which was probably quite comical, my father being the lean, muscular, over-dramatic wrestling coach he was. If I had a video, I'd show you. (Although he might put me in a headlock.)

Anyway, we'd go on "skips", and while we did, rather than singing "Dippity-do-da", we'd play rhyming games. I'd say something utterly serious and uber important to an eight year old mind, most likely asking when I'd next get chocolate.  My father would respond with a rhyming sentence that had nothing to do with my original statement. An effective diversion tactic, I'd say, as I'd immediately forget the chocolate and would pop off with a nonsensical line of my own. On and on we went, until we reached our destination.

imageAnd what childhood would be complete without a healthy dose of storytime? My father's favorite? The Muffin Man. He sang the refrain often, often enough I imagine he could recite it even now.

So, yes, words were a very pleasant part of my childhood.

Not unexpectedly, this odd fascination with words morphed into a love for writing. Now, when I say writing, I'm not referring to what I do now as a novelist and freelance journalist. No, I just liked to write words. Random, nonsensical, often repetitious, words. Maybe to give my hands something to do?

Or evidence of my future addiction? I assume the latter.

Then came journaling and essay writing and short stories until one day it hit me, rather writing-1209716-mlike a clunk to the head, "Hm... I really enjoy this." By this point, I was a strong believer actively involved in ministry and alert to God's sovereignty, so, a second thought followed, "Maybe God is up to something."

Well, He was, and I'm still writing, still reading, and still playing the occasional word game with my father. (You can witness an example of that here.)

But now, a new passion has emerged, one intricately twined with those games and pleasures of my past, but expanded to include...


The more I fall in love with this writing thing and the purposes God has for it, the more I long to share that love with others. Whether that's lending out one of my favorite novels, writing a review, encouraging or training a fellow writer, or giving away baskets full of books, it all stems from one rather infectious condition.

I, Jennifer Slattery, have a rapidly accelerating addiction to words, and like all addicts do, I feel the need to project my addictions on to all my friends.

I suspect you won't mind. :)

Which leads me to my exciting announcement! We at Faith-filled Friends are launching another book give-away! Same rules apply as last time. The winner will be randomly selected from the comments left on each post published from now to May 1st. (View May's gift basket prizes here.)

(Please note, the following is applicable to readers living in the continental US only. If a selected winner lives outside the continental US, they will receive ebooks, when available. Books that do not have e-versions will be placed back in the “gift-pot” to be sent to a randomly chosen runner-up living in the continental US.)

One randomly chosen winner, selected from the comments left on all posts published from today to May 1st, will receive a copy of the following (some in print others in ebook form.) They will receive a copy of:

Delivery by Diana Prusik, Jasmine by April McGowan, Hear No Evil by Mary Hamilton, Rodeo Hero and  Rodeo Song by Shannan Taylor VannatterAngel Falls by Connie MannThe Shepherd's Song by Betsy Duffey and Laurie MyersMarriage Takes Three by G. E. Hamlin, and Worth the Wait by Laura Jackson.

Engage often and receive numerous contest entries. :)

If you're visiting this site, I assume you share our love for books. What are some of your favorites? Do you have a particular genre you lean toward? When did you first become aware of this affinity, and has it grown to addiction levels? ;)  How might winning our May gift basket help reduce the strain of feeding your unquenchable reading habit?

Before you leave, I encourage you to visit one of my other blogs, to enter the drawing for a free Kindle Fire! The give-away ends today, so hurry! :)


  1. I love love love classics. Just finished "The Secret Garden" and am reading "Anne of Green Gables" again. But I'm learning to appreciate the new also. Great post...

  2. Oh, I loved that book, too! I saw a copy of it at a used bookstore, considered buying it, but didn't. I kinda regret not buying it now. Of course, I could probably find it on Amazon. :)

  3. Nancy Drew and the Bobsey Twins were my literary food growing up, and what if became an integral part of my vocabulary. I loved creating stories and convinced our HomeEc teacher in JR. High to change the fashion show to a "Cinderella" type plot as we showed the before and after creations at the annual parent night. People responded to my stories, and I kept it up, discovering O'Henry, in High School. I now read at least a couple books a week, often more, and save Christmas books for Dec when I read a book a day! Yep, I have the "addiction" too. Are we sisters, or what!

  4. My favorite fiction writers--Angela Hunt and Francine Rivers. An entertaining read with a powerful message. Love it!

  5. Delores, yes, we are! My daughter devoured Nancy Drew! I haven't read any from that series but really need to! Lately I've been snatching up books by Mary Connealy and Deborah Raney. I love the novels written by the other FFF gals, too! Eileen's Laughing With Lily really surprised me! Wow, didn't see that plot twist coming! So many great stories! :)

  6. I haven't read anything by Angela Hunt but I know others who love her. I really need to check her novels out. :) Fancine Rivers is amazing!

  7. Some of my favorite's lately are by a new author I discovered Lori Benton - I loved Burning Sky & I am currently reading The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn. I also loved a book by Anita Higman called Winter in Full Bloom. Christian historical fiction or a good fiction story is my favorite choice. As long as I can remember I have always had my nose in a book, & my parents wore out the tires on our vehicle driving me back & forth to the library when I was younger! :) Winning the gift basket of books would allow me to spend money I would spend on books & take my Granddaughters out for ice cream instead ;)

  8. Francine Rivers is one of my favorites, but I enjoy so many Christian fiction authors.

  9. As a child i hated to read. loved making up my own stories though. When i was about 25 a dear friend asked if i was a reader and gave me a book she said she thought i would like. it took me about 6 months to even open the cover. ( janette Oak love comes softly) i found out i could read for fun and not just to learn and now you never see me with out a book. Mostly read Christian fiction Any thing from adventure to romance. I am so happy to have found a new group of authors to read. Thanks ladies!!!

  10. I read that book, too! :) I used to devour Janet Oak's books. Whenever I read them, it gave me a strong desire to be a better wife, which in turn led to much prayer! I have ecclectic taste as well. Right now I'm reading (and loving) "Swept Away" by Mary Connealy.

    I'm so glad you've joined our cyber circle, Renette! It's always fun talking about books and all things bookish with fellow addicts. :)

  11. Thanks Jennifer! i am so glad i have found you all, i am learning so much about this writing stage and how to use it to show GODs love to others. You all inspire me!!! :-) ;~} I also am a big Dee Henderson, Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, Gilbert Morris, and Roxanne Henke fan. But now i have Mary Manners, Marianne Evens, Tanya Stowe, Delia Latham and all of you.
    If you goggle my name you will find the two articles and 1 short story i have done. My journey is just beginning and i can tell it is going to be a blessing because of all of you ladies and your encouraging words.

  12. I am so glad! And that's awesome that you've had some things published! You're well on your way, my friend!